Self-service Portal For Loan Tracking

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Self-service Portal For Loan Tracking

A self-service portal for borrowers to track their loans anytime

Industry: Mortgage

Technologies Used: MS Azure DevOps, Azure Blob, SQL Server, REST API(s), React, Encompass API Integration


The client owns a mortgage lending company. The business provides loans for home equity, purchase, and refinance needs across the country.

Loan portal


The client made the decision to create a platform for borrowers where they can easily track the loan payments and, if any installment is due, make the payment right away. If the loan is successfully closed, all transfer procedures should also be completed through the application.

In order to meet the client’s needs, TechRBM assisted the client in creating a cross-platform application. We created backend software to allow the backend team to evaluate a potential borrower’s credit history and loan history prior to the loan being approved. We developed a borrower application that enables users to easily check and pay off their remaining loan installments.

Problem Statement

The customer owns a lending business. Every time they received a new business inquiry, they had to manually search through several portals to look up the borrowers’ loan histories, which took up the majority of their time. As a result, they were looking for an automated service that would provide them with the most basic information about the potential borrower so that they could easily obtain loan records. For instance, they should know how many loans they currently own, how many installments are due, the status of each loan, whether they have multiple loans, and whether they are closed. Moreover, complete the loan transfer application formalities through the system. 

In addition to it, they wanted an application for the company’s borrowers to 

  • Check loan status
  • For the next payment due for their loan
  • Make a payment online if the lending agency is a client.


  • Providing a secure interface for borrowers to check the status of their loans by simply entering the loan number and the last four digits of their SSN
  • Need a system that has the closed/ funded loans information available all the time. Every 4 hours recurring push & pull requests are made so that the latest information is available all the time.
  • The app should be secure and accessible to the client’s customers only.


  • Built a self service app: React is used to create a self-service app that enables business borrowers to immediately pay their past-due loan installments.
  • Developed a logic application that runs in the background and connects to encompass software to retrieve data on closed loans. Information about all closed loans that have been pulled is pushed to the SQL Server database.
  • created a Loan Lookup API to perform a loan search based on two criteria.
    • Find a loan using the loan number and SSN
    • Find loans using the borrower’s last name, DOB, and last four of their SSN
  • Developed a payment API to process the overdue payments.

The Results

  • Loans can now be processed more quickly without having to wait for manual processing to be completed. All the information about closed or funded loans are available.
  • Information is available around-the-clock to obtain borrowers’ loan histories.
  • Self-service lessens the efforts of backend staff by eliminating the need for them to send payment reminders, check borrowers’ loan histories, and transfer loans.
  • Loan payments are made securely and conveniently by borrowers.