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Mortgage Lead Management

A streamlined application to manage and track your leads for Loan Officers.

Technology Used: Dot net Azure, Flutter, React js, SQL Server

Industry: Mortgage, Real Estate

A well-established mortgage company in Texas, United States, is looking for a solution to track the sales activity of each loan agent.

The Challenge

  • The client is a well-known brand in the mortgage industry with multiple sources to generate the leads. They were looking for a platform that would allow them to manage leads and nurture them until they were closed.
  • In addition, to avoid having to assign leads manually each time, the client required a tool that automatically distributed leads to various agency loan officers.
  • The client required assistance in developing a cross-platform application for loan officers to track their sales performance on a regular basis.
  • Each loan officer has easy access to their sales performance and track communication on the assigned lead. Sales analytics in real time were also required.
  • The client desired to begin using the application immediately. The main challenge was acquiring resource expertise in the selected advanced technologies (flutter, react) while also meeting the app’s deadline.
  • Integration with the external apps, Home Bird, Encompass for lead referrals, commissions, and credit history tracking.
  • The client wanted to share and transfer the leads data to anyone and anywhere with a single click. 

The Goals

  • As a vendor our primary goal was to provide them with a user-friendly application that was accessible on all the devices. 
  • Launched a fully functional and high-quality application before the decided deadline.
  • The application to be highly efficient to reduce the workload of the backend team to at least 60% – 70% in phase 1 development.
  • Coupling related data from various sources. 
  • Synchronized and up to date information provided to the loan officers.
  • Provide real time analytical reports on leads such as lead engagement, disqualified, qualified etc.

The Solution

  • Developed Flutter App for Loan Officers:  to manage the leads that are accessible on all devices.
  • API to retrieve the leads from third party platforms: by implementing API(s),  we were able to fetch the leads from various sources and automatically distribute them to registered loan officers region wise. This reduces the amount of  labor  required.
  • Using Twilio API(s) for messaging, we were able to record the inbound and outbound messages exchanged during the lead engagement process so that all lead history can see all lead history and resume the communication as needed.
  • By utilizing GraphQL library in flutter, we were able to generate the real time analytics on leads data (Total Engaged, Qualified, Disqualified leads etc.)
  • Implemented a lead referral programme to share leads with others and earn commissions on closure. All the lead tracking is maintained within the application.
  • Given the option to delegate Leads to others: In one’s absence, an internal network was established to manage the lead. Loan officers can delegate leads to other loan officers who have special privileges. One can access the lead dashboards of others with a single tap if they have the necessary permissions.
  • Backend to manage the lead tool efficiently: We built a backend in dot net azure for the super admin to manage loan officers’ information and leads, as well as generate various analytical reports on leads, real-time statistics of the real lead engagement process, referral programmes, and internal networking.

The Result

  • TechRBM scaled their lead engagement process quickly.
  • Significantly reduces the manpower requirements.
  • Increased Loan Officers productivity.
  • Everyone working on the lead has Up to date information.