Digital Transformation in the Insurance Domain

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Digital Transformation in the Insurance Domain

Digital Transformation of a well-established market leader in the insurance domain 

Industry: Healthcare, Insurance


A company in Texas asked TechRBM to help them make their insurance management system’s workflow and architecture easier to understand. The corporate entity is a market leader in providing insurance benefit solutions ranging from dental and vision insurance to property insurance. They offer about 100 different products to consulting firms, individual customers, and/or families looking for affordable health, wellness, lifestyle, and financial services.

Problem Statement: 

The company entered the market by offering telehealth services and products. It now has over 30 million members in the United States. 

When they approached TechRBM, their prime objective was to normalize their existing software products and services, potentially reduce errors, configure and fine-tune the architecture, and enhance the user experience. Moreover, build a system that is highly fragile, adaptable, and flexible to easily handle improvements. The major problems  that they were facing were:

  • 80%-90% slow file server performance, or delays occur when they work with files that are located on a file server. 
  • Managing a large volume of users data related to insurance 
  • Syncing difficulties and inconsistencies related to the data’s distribution across several software applications.
  • For data reporting, they require an automated emailing and reporting system (Actuarial Report, IFeeds (551 & 552))related to insurance compliances.
  • Real-time customization was required for PRE-AUTH & TOKENIZATION via Chase Payment.
  • According to market standards, improvements in user experience were required.

The Solution:

We started our relationship with the client by providing them with on-demand support services and stabilizing the environment. In parallel, we began analyzing and understanding the client’s business processes and products. Making strategies to provide  potential solutions to the problems

  • We developed a strategy to consolidate and stabilize their existing applications.
  • Establish a development environment and begin releasing improved implementations in sprints. 
  • The user interface has been updated and the usability has been improved.
  • We automated and customized various aspects of POE (Proof of Enrollment) document generation, transmission between servers for storage, and real-time email delivery to the Customer using Send Grid.  
  • Payment page(s) have been created and are fully customizable. APIs were developed to enable real-time PREAUTH & TOKENIZATION via Chase Payment.
  • The solution was built using the .NET framework/standard/core for communication with the 3rd party document vendors and XML for their internal data formatting services.
  • As a result, we have established a long-lasting relationship. Currently, we are offering complete technical support on various complex projects. We advised the client to use cloud services to manage the applications. By utilizing devops, they began the process of moving the applications from a conventional hosting environment to a contemporary cloud computing environment.