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Software Developmnet

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TechRBM provides IT services to businesses across USA and Canada. Our team of highly skilled software engineering professionals are committed to providing uniquely suited solutions to all business problems. Using their skills in logic and tact, their experience and innovative methods, our developers ascertain that all our clients’ business goals are actualized. We at TechRBM are faithful to the Agile model of Software development to ensure that the entire development process is seamless.


Along with Software Development, TechRBM also offers services in management, handling and maintenance of existing software. We are technology agnostic and provide software services and support for all technology, from current to legacy, on premises as well as on the cloud. We take time to understand our clients’ requirements and deliver software and services that complement their business growth. Design to programming and testing to production TechRBM has you covered throughout the product life cycle.


TechRBM has it’s footprint across many business verticals and is one the most trusted Software service providers in Mortgage, Banking, Insurance and Consumer Services sectors in Dallas, Texas.


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How long does software development take?

Any software development process requires some preliminary research and brainstorming to guarantee the best outcome. The first phase is to build the structure and to determine the technologies which are to be used. Once the architecture is finalized, the actual coding begins. After completion of coding, compliance phase begins which includes Qualitative analysis and comprehensive product testing. While there are multiple factors that affect software development, a typical software development life cycle can last for anything between a few months to a year.

I want to create a new product. Why should I use TechRBM to work with?

TechRBM is an IT services company headquartered in Dallas, Texas, that has been catering to software needs of global brands for more than 15 years. We help to create distinctive software products to meet the expectations of our clients. TechRBM prides itself in its perfect fusion of talented and skilled professionals onshore as well as offshore, that are committed to finding solutions that help our clients’ businesses grow. Our flexible service packages are an added bonus.

Do you provide product support services after the software development is complete?

Yes. We provide technical support on the products we develop along with product management and maintenance services.

Do you provide software-testing services?

Yes. TechRBM provides both manual and automation testing services.

What technologies and programming languages do you utilize for software development?

We are technology agnostic and support all technologies from current to legacy, on premises as well as on the cloud.

How long do I have to wait before the work on my project starts?

The project kick-off at TechRBM is immediate. We at TechRBM are sticklers for deadlines and work within a framework that allows us to gather all intel and client requirements, conduct brainstorming as well as take client inputs throughout project progression.

Can you guarantee time-bound results?

We believe customer satisfaction is the greatest measure of our business success. Time-bound results make us stand out among our competitors in the software development industry. Effective communication and transparent development process helps us in delivering services timely. From the initial call with the client to the product release, every process is closely monitored by our experts to avoid any delays in the final outcome.

Where can I request a quotation for my project?

Write to us at or send a message describing your request in the ContactUS  page.