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An IT firm based in Dallas, Texas, TechRBM has been providing IT solutions across business niches of mortgage, insurance, healthcare, banking, retail and consumer services for over 15 years. TechRBM has clients across USA and Canada that are catered to by a crew of experts skilled in the delivery of services ranging from Software and Application development, management and maintenance; Digital marketing, brand creation, development, rebranding and management; Manual and automation based testing and Quality Assurance; Recruitment, staff building and outsourcing services, Lead generation, outreaching, sales and client handling; Content Creation and development; to Technical Support services.

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At TechRBM we believe that every employee is a pool of untapped innovative energy and creativity.


We consider each member of our team as an individual with seamless potential and encourage contribution from all, across the wide spectrum-market that we cater to and service. The flat organizational structure of the company ensures that all our employees find equal opportunity to exhibit their skills and earn merit. TechRBM continuously seeks innovation to increase our client engagement. Our team of industry experts are driven by the desire to find out of the box solutions to serve our clients better, smarter and quicker.


Come experience the world of best in the market IT services. Join the TechRBM team.

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