We provide tailor-made teaching and learning solutions by integrating the education system with high-end technology platforms to deliver superior learning experiences worldwide. With most educational institutions migrating towards online education, we at TechRBM help organizations such as institutions, corporate, schools, colleges, universities, and entrepreneurs to impart engaging and interactive learning and training.

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How does TechRBM add value to your business?

E-learning has taken the world by storm, with everyone, including start-ups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses to large corporations adopting this time and cost-effective solutions for educating and training students and employees.


Our team has diverse experience in delivering professional-grade user-engaging web and mobile services to various institutions across the world.

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Interactive and Engaging Solutions

We develop engaging and user-friendly web and mobile apps for the education industry. Combining advanced interface and features, we help eliminate the boredom and complexity often faced by students and corporate learners in a technologically challenging environment. We build collaborative and smart apps that assist corporations and institutions in bridging the gap between trainers and teachers from students and employees.

Collaborative learning

We help companies and educational institutions to improve their teaching and training by developing robust solutions and incorporating advanced tools and technologies, allowing learners to interact conveniently with their peers and other students, embedding live tutoring, group calling, video calling, and many other features.

Video-based training

We help institutions and education groups build high-end video-based training apps that will help you create interactive video lessons for your students or employees. From creating cartoon and stop-motion animations to video slideshows to uploading online training videos to live broadcasts, we can integrate all the features that make your video-based training programs a sure success.

Our Services

Do you want to upgrade your institution’s learning environment by integrating interactive and engaging features for your students and employees? Then team up with TechRBM Inc., – a leading e-learning app development company in Texas, USA. We offer advanced and the latest solutions by developing e-learning apps and providing the best services in the education domain.


Our key services include:


  • E-Learning Web and Mobile App Development
  • Web Applications
  • Payment System Integration
  • Mobile Learning Applications
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Digital Library & Video Integration
  • Database Integration
  • Education Enterprise Solutions


We at TechRBM transform every education and learning space into a full-fledged, smarter, and technologically-equipped virtual training center by developing e-learning websites and web and mobile apps that allow thousands of students, learners, and trainees to access any devices from anywhere in the world.

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